Sunday, June 3, 2007

post-Balticon Libation List

There was a glorious amount of libating at Balticon, and much of what I brought was consumed well, and in the company of excellent people, and this makes me happy.

That said, I was unaware that my lowly cooler is, indeed, a "magic cooler." When all was said and done, I ended up with an even greater variety of libations afterwards than I had brought originally, and almost as many bottles. This was due to 1. long stretches during two evenings when I was Off Doing Other Things, and so the unsupervised "magic cooler" was added to by others looking for a good home for what they brought, and 2. "donations" at the end of the con from those flying elsewhere and unable to take their refreshments with them.

Here is the tally:
Apparently, this means that I won't need to buy anything further for Dragon*Con.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Balticon Libation List

I'm checking in to the Balticon hotel today. It will, in short form, be an absolute blast.

Here is the list of libations I will be bringing with me:
Clearly, this has the makings of a hell of a party. That said, physicianhood will prevail, and the above will be consumed with the greatest responsibility by all, I'm sure.

Besides... alcohol kills germs, baby.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Grove's Beer Log

This is Grove's Beer Log.

Hailing from Oslo, Norway, Geir Ove ("grove" - get it?) Grønmo documents his thoughts and experiences with the art of home brewing. Included are plenty of images of his equipment and exploits, as well as discussion of the various brews that he has produced and musings on homebrewing in general.

Check it out, and give him some comment love!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

American Craft Beer Week

Next week is American Craft Beer Week, a celebration of beer as both an expression of art and culture, as well as a complex and rich collection of libatory goodness. From the American Homebrewers Association website:

"American Craft Beer Week is May 14-20 and recognizes America's small, independent and traditional brewers and contributions the craft beer community makes to our economy, culture and history.

Consider participating in the Great American Beer Tour to celebrate American Craft Beer Week. Visit craft breweries and win pint glasses, an embroidered shirt or the grand prize trip to the GABF in October! Print your passport today at:

Craft beer and food pairings, special-release beers, firkin-keg tapings, single-release cask-conditioned ales, special brewery tours, and make-your-own American craft beer are just some of the offerings by participating breweries.

For a complete list of events, visit"

If you've never entered the expansive and tasty world of craft beers, find a local brewery and take the opportunity to sate your curiosity and tantalize your palate. And if you're already familiar with these excellent beverages, then raise your pints and celebrate responsibly!

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Thom's Beer Blog

This is Thom's Beer Blog.

Really, I don't think there's any further explanation necessary. If you require one, then I'll just say that he:

1.) drinks beer

2.) reviews the beer he drinks in an erudite, concise, and educated manner

As of the time of this posting, he's up to 651, and still going strong. Check out his blog for some worthwhile opining and tasty commentary.

My Main Site, and Other Blogs

If you've happened across this blog without coming through my main site, and have some modicum of curiosity as to the nature of the inner machinma that grinds out these tasty musings, then I direct you to the following:

*my main website - Saint Nickanuck of the Tundra
*my sweetheart's blog - Laura's Life Adventures
*my mother-in-law's blog - Babka Liz's Blog

How's that for an interesting veiw of the universe, eh?

Friday, March 30, 2007

A Toast to a New Blog

Raise your glasses, my friends, whatever may be contained within, and join me in a toast to a new blog...

I hereby found the Gustatory Libation Front.

The mission is simple: to provide a forum for liberating my observations and off-color commentary on various topics of food and drink.

My qualifications? I loves me some food, and I loves me some drink. And, I do loves me some commentary.

So, sit back with a solid tankard of your favorite beverage and a platter of your most beloved vittles, and join the Front in its march to glory!