Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"If You're Drinking Beer Ice Cold, You're Doing It Wrong"

I was recently at a job-related event in which the height of beer that the free bar was supplied with was a choice between Miller Light and Coors Light. Despite my shame at partaking in these to make the event organizer happy, I was compelled to log them on Untappd anyway.

This did give me the opportunity to ponder the much-advertised *COLD - SUPERCOLD* indicator on the bottles of the latter, playing up the whole thing that mass produced American lagers are best enjoyed when they are as close in temperature to ice as possible. Which is somewhat true, given that they are rather awful. Well-brewed beer, however, is all about flavors and aromas that come out with warmer than freezing temperatures. The following infographic from FrugalDad is a great reminder that warmer beer, depending on the style, can be a truly beautiful thing:

Beer Infographic