Friday, March 13, 2009

Farpoint 2009 Libations

Balticon is this weekend, and in gearing up for the convention, I am reminded that I never posted the Farpoint libations list. At Farpoint in February, the hotel bartender got into the spirit of the con with some zeal, and devised a Star Trek-inspired beverage selection for the bar. For the curious, here are the drinks and recipes:
  • Actuarian Fizz: lemon juice, grenadine, gin, & club soda
  • Chech'tluth: bourbon, gin, club soda, peppermint schnapps, & Johnnie Walker
  • Klingon Bloodwine: red wine infused with ginger, & fresh chilies
  • Black Hole: Kahlua, Smirnoff "w"odka, & lemon juice
  • Antimatter Shot: Sambuca, Blue Curacao
  • Klingon Martini: gin, vermouth, & a dash of Bloodwine - as budding martini aficionado, I couldn't pass this up. It... wasn't as bad as I feared. With better gin, it could have been "good." Also, it didn't really look "Klingon":
  • The Picard Cocktail: 8 oz. of Earl Grey tea hot, 1 oz. Grand Marnier - Jared had this one and was willing to share. It was surprisingly good.
  • Vulcan Mind Meld: 1 part ouzo, 1 part rum (151 proof)
  • Talos IV Coffee: 3 parts Grand Marnier, 1 part coffee
  • Klingon Disrupter: Jim Bean, Patron Tequila, cinnamon schnapps
I'm not normally a "mixed drinks" fellow, but if there are similar options next year, I may need to explore them a bit more.