Wednesday, December 22, 2010

listen to the Living Proof. now.

Sun-dial First taste 2, cc by-nc-sa via cmdln on Flickr

John and Thomas's podcast, Living Proof, has finally gotten off the ground in recent weeks, and the episodes thus far are a joy to listen to. Topics range from their own brewing efforts and what they are drinking of late to higher-concept "beer theory" discussions that are at once casual and well-informed. These gentlemen are clearly enjoying themselves, and you should give them a listen and do so as well.

Congratulations are also in order, as their recent brew (the "Rogue Archivist") and the story behind it received a nice write-up on BoingBoing. Strong work, good sirs!

Rogue Archivist, cc by-nc-sa image via cmdln on Flickr