Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a fortnight of food in Howard County

SWC Employees Enjoy a Happy Hour at Ram's Head Tavern, cc by-nc-sa image via blunck2 on Flickr

If I were Grand Thane of Howard County (which could benefit immensely from having a Grand Thane, mind you), I would christen the uncomfortably-monikered Howard County Restaurant Weeks to the more awesome and precise Howard County Restaurant Fortnight. I'd leave the food the same, though. Grand Thane Cmar needs to get his food and drink on, and during the next two weeks, it shall be done.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Dogfish Head 2011 release schedule

Dogfish Head's 2011 release schedule is posted here. A few notes:
  • This year reflects some excellent choices in terms of marketing and availability of their different beer niches. I particularly applaud the inclusion of both the Midas Touch and Palo Santo Marron as seasonal brews with year-round availability - both are unique drinks to Dogfish, being both some of their best beers and staples that define the company in the growing craft beer marketplace. Also, I get better access to two of my favorites, so THERE. Nyah. :P
  • The categories they've made to segregate the "intermittent but not seasonal" releases are rather inspired (such as the "Ancient Ales" and "Agreeable IPA's") and hopefully will be something they build on in future years.
  • I am confident enough in my beer geekdom to note that I am looking forward with bated breath to the unveiling of Brand X. YES.

Raise your glasses, baby.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

gustatory libation ahead for 2011

Hang Loose Cask (02), cc by-nc-sa image from cizauscas on Flickr

The Trigger Agency is once again bringing a host of touring brew and beverage events to the Baltimore area this year. Mark your calendars, baby:

Heavy Seas Brewery has also listed it's excellent roster of events for the upcoming year, all being hosted at the brewery itself:

Let the gustation and libation of 2011 commence!